Why ReqCity


ReqCity is a community network of employers, recruiters, and candidates looking to solve the same problem: recruiting and hiring qualified talent and lowering unemployment levels.


ReqCity is a new era of recruiting, a first-of-its-kind professional networking job board that benefits everyone.

Company Benefits:
  • 100% Client Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Every candidate has been spoken to and pre-qualified before being submitted to you
  • Lower cost per hire / Shorter time to fill
  • Every Client has a dedicated Account Manager to make sure they are receiving the best service.
  • Higher Candidate experience
  • Only pay for candidates that you choose to see & interview.
  • Attract top talent by working with multiple recruiters
  • Have thousands of recruiters at your fingertips
Recruiter Benefits:
  • Recruiters are 100% Anonymous
  • All you have to do is pre-screen and submit the qualified candidate and you’re done.
  • Recruiters can submit candidates to any job on our site they are qualified for.
  • Recruiters get paid on all Approved candidates every 15 days
  • We do NOT work on contingency, exclusive, or retainers.
  • Recruiters can set your own schedule and work as many hours as you like.
Candidate Benefits:
  • Higher Candidate Satisfaction
  • Each candidate will be given a candidate advocate who pre-qualifies your skill sets and recommends available opportunities to you.
  • Your Resume will never go into a dark hole. You will always be contacted by one of our Candidate Advocates to discuss your job options.
  • No more filling out lengthy job applications your Candidate Advocate will do the leg work for you. All you need is a resume.
  • More job exposure
  • No cost to you it’s FREE for all candidates

ReqCity is a one-stop-shop for companies, recruiters, and candidates. It’s free for candidates and recruiters, while companies pay a nominal monthly fee. Recruiters get paid twice a month for candidates that employers want to interview, which is the first of its kind when it comes to job boards. Our professional network of recruiters are industry experts based all across the world and could be speaking with your ideal candidate right now. Employers aren’t limited to just one recruiter, which amplifies your companies reach.


We believe the job sourcing process works best when we work as a team. ReqCity brings employers, recruiters, and candidates together in one place to find the best fit. Employers share their hiring needs, recruiters use their expertise to match candidates with employers, and candidates get more exposure. Does it get any better than that?

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